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Akali Resources Sdn Bhd (ARSB) was established by
our Chief Executive Officer Mr. S.Suresh Rao A.M.W
who has 12 years of experience in debt recovery
industry. Under our CEO’s leadership, we are moving
toward a world-class debt recovery agency

ARSB was established in 2010 as an enterprise
entity but later incorporated as Private Limited in
2013. ARSB has invested RM1mil in infrastructure
and is supported by 115 dedicated staff inclusive of
5 executives, 70 recovery officers, and 18 visitation

ARSB’s main business activity is providing debt
recovery services (bad debt collection) for products
such as credit cards, telecommunication, debit
card, charge card, personal financing, business
loan, microcredit, corporate loans, corporate credit
services, education loan, mortgage, hire purchase,
asset (land), end-user products (electrical appliances
&, etc.) and other products according to our client’s
requirements and criteria

We will help your business grow

Call Center

We are looking for a Call Center Representative that will be the liaison between our company and its current and potential customers

Debt Collection

We are looking for a reliable Debt collector to contact debtors and claim outstanding debts towards their creditors. You will be responsible for recovering the money owed in as little time as possible.

Inbound Requests

Inbound coordinators are responsible for managing the flow of incoming calls, emails, and other forms of communication. They ensure that all inquiries are handled in a timely manner and work to resolve any issues or concerns as quickly as possible.

Customer Support

A Customer Service Specialist is a professional who is responsible for handling questions, comments and complaints regarding a particular business. Their ultimate goal is to provide positive customer experiences by enhancing relationships between them.

Virtual Assistance

As a Virtual Assistant, you will perform various administrative tasks, including answering emails, scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements. For this role, a strong Internet connection is required, along with experience using communication tools like Skype.

Live Chat Support

A live chat agent's job is to provide customer support online. This means that being tech-savvy is non-negotiable. An employee in this role needs to be able to navigate live chat software with ease, leverage customer data effectively to provide meaningful support, and do all of this fast.

Our Expertise

In Akali, we are ready to handle all type of accounts. Our teams are well trained and qualified. Each of our officers manages a claim from the outset till the final settlement. We will be more than happy to tailor made a risk solution based on your needs and your company’s objectives and maintain a transparent and open reporting system in our outsourcing arrangement..


Visitation support from 12 branches (FIELD VISIT)

– Field visit department – FVD

– Experience and will versed FV manager

– FVD manages 12 branches all over Malaysia

– Field visit officers are given training and guideline that need to be obliged at all times

Data Restriction Policy

– Based on client requirements

Customer’s experience is our highest priority

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