About Us

Akali Resources Sdn Bhd (ARSB) was established by our Chief Executive Officer Mr. S.Suresh Rao A.M.W who has 12 years of experience in debt recovery industry. Under our CEO’s leadership, we are moving toward a world-class debt recovery agency.ARSB was established in 2010 as an enterprise entity but later incorporated as Private Limited in 2013. ARSB has invested RM1mil in infrastructure and is supported by 115 dedicated staff inclusive of 5 executives, 70 recovery officers, and 18 visitation officers. ARSB has capital of 400k. ARSB’s main business activity is providing debt recovery services (bad debt collection) for products such as credit cards, telecommunication, debit card, charge card, personal financing, business loan, microcredit, corporate loans, corporate credit services, education loan, mortgage, hire purchase, asset (land), end-user products (electrical appliances &, etc.) and other products according to our client’s requirements and criteria.

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